Plasma Cut Metal Wall Decoration of Tree

CNC Plasma Cutting

Whether you have a large job, or small job, Haas Metal Designs has a fabrication solution for you. We have the right CNC machine for all budgets, large and small. The combination of years of experience and the right tools provides us all the customizable options to achieve the desired result and in a timely fashion.

Because most of our metal work is custom, we often perform complex cuts and using our special cnc plasma cutter is the key. We can accurately cut through a variety of metal materials including steel. stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum. In fact, our plasma cutter helps make our custom metal projects such a huge success and enables us to deliver some amazing results.

Custom Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutter uses CNC technology which allows us greater flexibility to cut a variety of shapes and patterns. To use our cutter, we first manually program special instructions into the machine. These instructions are specific to fit the project at hand and we move forward with our special cuts.

Rather than explain the technology and exactly how it works, rest assured we can cut through almost any metal material, and we can do so safely and accurately.

Of course, we use our CNC plasma cutter on almost all our projects but we also provide services to other contractors. For instances, we sometimes provide steel joist hangers, brackets and saddles to framing contractors. Then, almost all contractors have a need for steel angles.

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